great lighting (both natural and studio), sound and HD video using a Canon pro camera are provided. we work with the actor for each opportunity to make sure that they feel good about tape being sent. we are all accomplished readers, thus bringing a reader is not necessary, but actors are welcome to bring someone if they so choose. tapes can be sent in any format requested by casting: private video link, quicktime file to be uploaded into the casting session, or DVD. auditions will be sent with sensitivity for deadline times, usually within an hour of finishing.

self-tapes can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • an actor who is unable to attend an audition in another city/state/country
  • an agent to pitch their client with to get them in the door for a project
  • an actor trying to be seen for something they know they are right for
  • directly to studio/network for high level roles not having casting sessions.